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Nails of a Contemporary Bride

Looking for wedding nails inspiration? Let us take you through a little journey. They say ‘less in more’. Fit’s perfectly when it comes to the nails of a contemporary bride. With passing time, the new age brides have bid farewell to loud red, maroon and jazzy nails. Back in March 2014 when we started Fingertips, the bride and her family used to follow the age old tradition of reds, maroons, deep pinks with heavy stone, big size Swarovski, glitter work and intricate designs. They even asked us to match the …
Nail Art

Nails for Corporate look

So you work in corporate and want our nails to look neat and classy? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Nail arts are a part of self-care. Why to stick to nail arts for weddings, birthdays and occasions when the world is carrying pretty nails every day, even to a corporate office. When it comes to corporate nail art, it’s important to keep it professional and polished. Here are some ideas for nail art that can give you a stylish yet corporate look: 1. French Manicure : The classic …
Nail Art

Polygel: Most advanced gel technology

Polygel, also known as gum gel is the latest technology in nails industry across the globe. Pretty nail arts is just the tip of the iceberg, it is a less known fact that professional nails is all about technology. Nail technicians go through vigorous step by step training to make a perfect blank canvas of gel on your nails so that they can create nail arts with smooth finish. The products used for gelling make all the difference. Polygel is one great result of years of research, development and trials …