Nails of a Contemporary Bride

Pranali Jain, Fingertips Bride
Annie Gali, Fingertips Bride

Looking for wedding nails inspiration? Let us take you through a little journey. They say ‘less in more’. Fit’s perfectly when it comes to the nails of a contemporary bride. With passing time, the new age brides have bid farewell to loud red, maroon and jazzy nails. Back in March 2014 when we started Fingertips, the bride and her family used to follow the age old tradition of reds, maroons, deep pinks with heavy stone, big size Swarovski, glitter work and intricate designs. They even asked us to match the nails with their wedding lehengas. But years passed, we noticed that the taste for bridal nails became soft and subtle. The heavy designs were gradually replaced with newer trends like chrome ombre, smaller Swarovskis and most importantly softer colours like nudes, light pinks, light browns and pastels.

Founder of Fingertips Nikita Singh says, “In recent years, we noticed a change in the demand of colour shades, accessories and designs used for bridal nails. Hence, we introduced newer trends which garner the attention of a modern bride. Mirror chrome, shattered glass nails, newer nude shades in the hues of browns and pinks, a mix-and-match of classic designs like French tips, soft ombre are some of the elements that a contemporary bride loves.”

Now the time has come when a select few brides just get the Classic French Ombre nails done, the credit goes to Alia Bhatt’s wedding nails which served as a big inspiration to brides across India.  Fingertips bride in the picture, Pranali Jain chose French Ombre nails decked with Swarovski in ring finger to matches all of her wedding outfits. One advantage of minimal and neutral nails is that they match your Cocktail and Sangeet look, goes perfectly well with Mehendi, blends with reception outfit and works with casuals when you go for your honeymoon trip.

Let’s lay our eyes over our next Fingertips Bride, Annie Gali who chose Gold Mirror nails with Swarovski and ombre in the ring finger. She portrays an example of a contemporary South Indian bride. Gold is loved in the southern part of India, it is the soul of almost every south Indian outfit. Her bridal portrait is aesthetic with hues of gold on her nails, jewellery and outfit. A layer of gold chrome is minimal yet have a significant presence in her overall bridal look.

Hence, we said, less is more for a contemporary bride. What would you choose for your bridal nails? Comment below.


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