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Looking for a nail salon franchise in India? We are sprawling across length and breadth of India with 25+ franchise salons. We are enthusiastically looking for dedicated franchise partners for expansion. Ensuring continuous brand support right from the first interaction, to selection of your studio(s), local branding for your particular studio(s) and more, we have robust support infrastructure in place to get you through. Fill in your details and let us begin.

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Why us ?

Technicians recruitment and staffing

The most challenging part of growing nails industry in India is staffing. Our human resource team is on toes to source experienced staff for each outlet for Fingertips to delivery high quality services.

Site selection

A great location is a factor for promotion in itself. A thorough on-field search in your preferred area is must. Our team helps you to select the most fruitful location for lucrative business.

Signature Studio Design

While searching for a good location, we ensure that it fits the signature layout of Fingertips which is the reception area, nail section, pedicure-manicure area, etc.

Guidance in replication of signature interior design

Our interiors is designed for utmost comfort. Since technical details are key essential to replicate the signature design, we offer all the possible support to achieve the same.

Equipment, tools and Furniture

Sourcing signature chairs for nails and pedicure-manicures area, selection of tapestry and colour theme, sourcing pedicure tubs, tools and other essential equipments for the studio is taken care of.

Studio Launch

After years of operations and launching new franchise studios, our team is experienced in managing every single detail for pre-launch, launch and post launch. A checklist of every working field is kept ready with the team for a smooth event. Creatives before launch, technical support, design support, branding and marketing for your particular studio are taken care of.

Technical Support for services

Our head technician and franchise manager is available to explain the technical details of each and every service offered at Fingertips. Upon launch of a new art or a new technology, all the franchise staff members are trained from the head office through videos/calls.

Branding and marketing for a particular outlet

A buzz to create an upcoming Fingertips outlet in your preferred area is one of the key elements for a successful launch. Digital marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencers visit, blogger associations, outdoor marketing support, social media campaigns to reach your particular target audience, press coverage support, a combined with PR agencies and more are always on our list to make it fruitful for the outlet.

Operational Assistance

A franchise manager from our head office is dedicated to assist you for all the required operation. Regarding despatch of required products pre and post launch, particular creatives for a franchise outlet, swift running of social media ads and more requirements, our franchise manager always gets you through.

Discounts on product

As a nail studio chain with multiple outlets, we have established a great rapport with the major suppliers in the market who give us discounts on products which are directly forwarded to the franchise owners through the tenure.

Regular Support Post-launch

The head office is fully dedicated to support franchise outlets in every possible way. Regular products’ delivery, local marketing and branding for a particular outlet, forwarding client’s inquires about appointments to the respective outlet everyday, suggesting about monthly benchmark sales to the franchise owners and working together to achieve it. A lot more goes into growing together as a team, for which we are there as a backbone for the franchise owners.

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