You may go for nail extensions of desired length or overlay on your natural nails if you do not wish to go for nail extensions.

Once there is gel on your nails it is difficult to bit them, hence the naturals nails underneath gel will continue to grow.

To maintain it, you may get refilling done depending on the growth of your natural nails. Mostly it is 15-20 days.

You can start with a medium length extension. Gradually daily work becomes easier with time.

When you visit for your refilling, you can ask the nail technician to keep the length or make it shorter until you get used to a longer length.

You must get refiling done on time since longer nail tips may not be easier to carry.

Nail Extensions can last upto 3 weeks, additionally it depends on your nail growth.

Post three weeks, there is a gap between your natural nails and the extensions tip which can be either refilled or removed.

Once a fresh set of nail extensions is done, it can last upto 3-4 refilling sessions.

Gel Polish can last upto 3 weeks, depending on your nail growth.

Post 3 weeks, there is a gap between your natural nails and gel polish which can be either changed or removed.

Refilling of nail extensions and overlays should be done post 3 weeks of application. Since the length of the tip increases, you may have handling issues.

Yes you need to book an appointment before visiting since services take time.

In case we have a slot free while you walk in, we would love to accommodate you.

Yes, we love celebrations at Fingertips! Our huge space allows you to host birthdays, kitties, pamper parties, bridal showers and more.

Kindly call your city outlet for further details, we would love to hear more from you for the best experience.

Yes you can bring your own design for nail art. However, our studio manager also assists the clients to choose desired nail arts.

We offer Polygel Nail, Gel and Acrylic Nail Extensions. Polygel is the latest gel internationally which has better results in terms of strength and stability.

You can also go for conventional gel or acrylic nail extensions.

You should visit 4-5 days before wedding functions begin, since it will help you get used to nail extensions when it comes to easy handling.

Yellowness on your nails is nothing but ‘haldi’ which gets stuck when you have Indian food. Just wipe it off with an acetone-free nail polish remover.

Be sure to use only acetone-free not acetone, since acetone can crack gel polish,
As soon as you wipe it off, hadli stains will come off. It doesn’t affect the gel polish.

You may use it multiple time, as and when required.

Absolutely! Our Signature Spa Pedicure offers a solution to cracked heels.

Cracked heels are because of lack of moisture in your feet. Be sure to drink enough water everyday and keep your feet hydrated with a good foot cream.

You must use a cuticle oil on cuticles to keep them hydrated and supple. Use it everyday after using a hand cream.

Apply a transparent polish/top coat on your naturals nails to make them glossy.

You can get an overlay done on your natural nails. Since nails become thicker after overlay it will support the growth of your natural nails.

Overlay requires refilling depending on the growth of your natural nails. Once you reach the desired length, you may take off the overlay.

We offer polygel, gel and acrylic dip overlay.