Nails for Corporate look

So you work in corporate and want our nails to look neat and classy? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Nail arts are a part of self-care. Why to stick to nail arts for weddings, birthdays and occasions when the world is carrying pretty nails every day, even to a corporate office.

When it comes to corporate nail art, it’s important to keep it professional and polished. Here are some ideas for nail art that can give you a stylish yet corporate look:

1. French Manicure :

The classic French manicure is always a safe option for a corporate setting. You can add a twist to it by using a light pink or nude shade for the base and adding a thin line of subtle metallic gold or silver at the tip.

2. Neutral Shades :

Neutral shades like beige, light grey, and blush pink are perfect for a corporate setting. You can add a little sparkle by adding a glittery top coat or a metallic accent nail.

3. Geometric Designs :

Minimalist geometric designs like triangles, stripes, and dots can give your nails a modern and sophisticated look. Stick to neutral colours or use a metallic shade for a little extra shine.

4. Negative Space :

Negative space nail art is a trendy and subtle option for a corporate setting. You can paint your nails with a neutral base and add a small geometric design in negative space. This way, your nails will look polished yet stylish.

5. Delicate Swirls :

If you want to add a pop of colour to feel pretty, you can add a deeper colour swirl to the light base colour on all five fingers or just the ring finger, however you love it.

6. Remember to keep the design simple and understated. Avoid loud and bright colors, and don’t go overboard with embellishments. With these nail art ideas, you can show off your stylish side without compromising your professional image.

Let us know in comments, what kind of nails would you like for corporate look? Awaiting your visit, lady boss.


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