Polygel: Most advanced gel technology

Polygel, also known as gum gel is the latest technology in nails industry across the globe. Pretty nail arts is just the tip of the iceberg, it is a less known fact that professional nails is all about technology. Nail technicians go through vigorous step by step training to make a perfect blank canvas of gel on your nails so that they can create nail arts with smooth finish. The products used for gelling make all the difference. Polygel is one great result of years of research, development and trials in laboratories.

We have been using Polygel since last three years at outlets across India. It can be used for nail extensions and overlay. But, why should you choose Polygel over other gels and powders? The reasons are functional.  It looks close to natural nails, it doesn’t feel heavy on your hands, easy to carry, stronger than any gel, stays comparatively longer. Even if you don’t want nail extensions, you can thicken your natural nails with a ‘gel overlay’ of polygel and see the magic! It helps your natural nails grow.

“Our clients have been regular with polygel extensions and refilling since last two-three years, as the results are comparatively better. It is a great option for holiday nails, bridal nails and even family members of the bride because regular handling becomes easier with polygel nail extensions.”

Nikita Singh, Founder, Fingertips Nail Studio

If you have ridges on your nails or want to get rid of uneven or curved nail bed, polygel overlay can work wonders.  If you are just want your own nails to look fresh, shiny and healthy, go for a plain polygel nail extension set or polygel overlay to get that very look.

Available at all of our outlets across India. Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you in comments below.


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