Pedicure and Manicure: from want to need.

They say, Your feet take you everywhere, take care of them.

Pedicures and manicures services have undergone tremendous changes from every aspect. Ambience, hygiene, mental and physical relaxation, a necessity, quality time with a close friend of family member or even a me-time spa therapy. Nearly a decade back, pedicures and manicures were just basic services with no specialised attention to details. What made these changes come into play? Let’s take a walk through it.

Ambience has one of the key roles in unwinding you not just physically but mentally and spiritually too. We, at Fingertips have made a beautiful and relaxing section for pedicures and manicures at every outlet, which is drenched in natural beauty, where the shadow play of natural light, trees, plants and flowers makes room for positivity and happiness.Super comfortable large chairs engulf you in and the soft tapestry pampers you even more. We make sure to calm your mind with soft music played in the backdrop, that’s the reason that many of our clients fall asleep during pampering. A cup of coffee or book in your hand even enhances the experience.

Hygiene has become a crucial aspect of beauty service industry. According to our USP, we start every service with sanitising your hands and feet. For pedicures and manicures, we believe in using disposable kits only. Disposable linen, disposable foot filer, disposable cuticle stick is the part of the kit which is unwrapped before the client. Metal tools are autoclaved immediately after use. Cuticles are pushed and cut neatly to avoid any injuries and nails are buffed up to the mark.

The fragrance of luxurious products for pedicures and manicures is like freshly baked cake in a bakery. Since every skin of different, beauty industry has come up with specialised products for pedicures and manicures. Scrubs with rich texture, soft massage creams like butter, exfoliating body washes are a treat for your hands and feet. By the end of the service, all you need is a massage which relaxes the muscles just before polish application. In the fast paced world, self care has become a necessity. Pedicures and manicures service at Fingertips is designed for it. You may visit us for a relaxing ‘me-time’ to connect with yourself or you may book an appointment with your friend, mother, sister or daughter for a quality time and pampering session. Not to mention, we have hosted pamper parties, bachelorettes, birthdays and more.  However you want, we are all game to pamper you to the fullest. So, who would you love to book an appointment with?


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