Beginner’s Tips for Nail Extensions

Beginner's Tips for Nail Extensions

Want to go for nail extensions but backing off because of handling issues? Read below.

Nikita Singh, Founder, Fingertips says, “Nail extensions completely change the look. If you wish to have them for the first time, just keep in mind a few things that will help you carry extensions comfortably”.

Comfortable Length
  • Start with a Manageable Length: Begin with a shorter, more manageable length for your extensions, as shown in the picture above. This makes it easier to get used to handling them in daily activities.
Choosing the Right Material
  • Polygel/Gum Gel: Opt for Polygel or gum gel for your nail extensions. These materials are known for being strong, lightweight, and providing a natural look, making them ideal for beginners.
Maintenance and Refilling
  • Regular Refills: Plan to get your nail extensions refilled every 20-25 days. As your natural nails grow, the extensions will need maintenance to keep them looking fresh and secure.
  • Adjusting Length During Refills: Nail technicians typically reduce the length of the extensions during refills. If you are comfortable with the length your extensions have grown to, you can request your technician to maintain that length instead of cutting them shorter.
Handling with Care
  • Use Finger Pads: When typing or handling objects, use the pads of your fingers rather than the tips of the extensions. This will help prevent damage and make it easier to adjust to having longer nails.
Getting Used to Extensions
  • Patience and Practice: With time, you’ll become more accustomed to your nail extensions. As you continue to wear and maintain them, handling daily tasks will become easier.

By following these tips, you can confidently start your journey with nail extensions and enjoy their beauty and durability without the worry of handling issues.


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